Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf

AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design was commissioned to oversee the $33 million architectural renovation of this 530 room hotel. The project goal was two-fold: improve the guest experience, and increase the hotel’s appeal to groups. With both goals in mind, AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design worked to create brighter and more open spaces in the hotel, resulting in a hotel lobby that opens seamlessly into meeting and dining spaces which foster a communal atmosphere. The hotel’s renovation also accommodates the trend hospitality which sees tourism being blended with business travel, and provides unique and locally inspired spaces that are suitable for meeting in or socializing in. With the hotel’s business in mind, AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design was able to imbue the hotel’s spaces with more flexibility, permitting a wider variety of events to be hosted at the hotel.



San Francisco, California


Scale of Hotel Renovation Project:

Renovating 530 guest rooms, 15,000 sf of lobby and dining, 15,000 sf of meeting space, 1,500 sf fitness center, all public corridors and pool deck.



Luxury Resorts.