Careers at AXIS Architecture + Design



There’s practicing architecture. Then there’s practicing AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design architecture.

AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design isn’t your typical architectural design firm, which is precisely why we aren’t looking for your typical architect. At AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, our team features some of San Francisco’s, Los Angeles’, California’s, and America’s most talented commercial architects. Fostering our people, and developing that innovative architectural expertise within our team is so important we’ve made it one of our immutable goals in our Mission Statement. After all, amazing spaces and buildings can only be envisioned by amazing talent.


Why you’re going to want to join our team

Whether it’s our reputation for inspiring and iconic commercial architectural design, our notability as one of North America’s most accomplished hotel, resort, and restaurant architectural firms, or our commitment to fostering our innovative people and culture, you’re going to love your role at AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design.


We’re amazing at what we do.

At AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, we’re home to a team of expert and award winning commercial architects. We get it – a lot of firms can claim that. What other architectural firms can’t claim is unrivaled expertise in a number of niche architectural practices. Our firm is an industry leader in hospitality architecture, and hotel renovation design – practices that make us top-of-mind in a number of architectural segments. When you work for AXIS/GFA, you work for an industry leader.


Your input is valuable.

We’re not a small firm, but despite being an industry leader, we’ve managed to maintain our small firm atmosphere. From the principals to our administrative staff, the hierarchy is flat, and the doors are open. At AXIS/GFA, we pride ourselves on approachable and collaborative design, not just for our clients, but amongst our staff too. From day one, you’ll be contributing in significant ways on meaningful projects.


The perks.

We love practicing commercial architecture, but that doesn’t mean we rely solely on that passion to define our amazing office culture. With catered lunch-and-learns, volunteer and community support initiatives, a dedication to innovation and development, and assistance with IDPs for our new architectural staff, our goal is to develop a social, fun, and fostering office culture as much as we develop our reputation for technical commercial architectural expertise.


Current Openings

AXIS/GFA is always looking for bright people who are eager to learn and grow and will passionately invest the time required to properly train and mentor new architects. A successful junior job captain is inquisitive, urgent, and communicative.

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